Send An Email

Sending an email can be a quick-but-effective method for letting community leaders know that you care about and are following an issue. To be most effective, ensure that your email is well-written, professional, respectful and concise.

It is important that community leaders receive different emails that reflect similar content instead of receiving the same email over and over again. We would invite you to personalize your message with persuasive arguments that are important to you, but below are some points you may wish to include:

  • Address them by their formal title, if applicable (e.g. Mayor XX or Board Member XX)
  • State how long you’ve been a resident in this community, and if you are active in the community describe your involvement.
  • Thank you for taking the time to read my email. As members of a community we both love, we don’t have to agree on everything. But listening to each other and respecting our differences is important.
  • Elected officials have a duty to protect all viewpoints, even those that may make some feel uncomfortable.
  • I also recognize that the Clearview Library District is chartered with offering diverse programming to all parts of our community, and understand that not all library services and events must appeal to a majority of residents.
  • If no laws are being broken, and no hate is being advocated, then it is up to you as an elected official to protect its freedom and respect its right to seek programming and resources.
  • At what point would the influence of town officials end? Does it include limiting access to books and materials that don’t conform to the Town Board’s moral values?
  • It is not the role of government to shield the community from objectionable viewpoints, especially when suppressing the rights of others.

Notable Email Addresses

Town of Windsor

Mayor Kristie Melendez
Town of Windsor

Barry Wilson
Town Board Member, District 2

Paul Rennemeyer
Town Board Member, District 4

David Sislowski
Town Board Member, District 6

Myles Baker
Town Board Member, District 1

Ken Bennett
Town Board Member, District 3

Thomas Jones
Town Board Member, District 5

Town of Severance

Mayor Don McLeod

Trustee Bruce Florquist

Trustee Tad Stout

Trustee Michelle Duda

Mayor Pro Tem Matthew Gordon

Trustee Zeke Kane

Trustee Frank Baszler

Weld RE-4 School District Board

Christopher Perkins

Brad Irion

Tempy Bowman

Regan Price

Jennifer Lieber

Media Contacts

Greeley Tribune – Letter to the Editor

Eric Larsen
Regional Executive Editor

Bryce Jacobson
Greeley Tribune Publisher