Keep our library independent, diverse, and available to all

Keep Liberty in our Library (KLioL) is a grassroots organization composed of community members who are supportive of the library’s efforts to offer programming that meets the needs of all community members. KLioL is an independent member-run organization that has no formal affiliation with the library district or its leadership.

As a grassroots organization, KLioL encourages its members to share their support of the library and its leadership with various community leaders, including elected officials, media and others. Our goal is to demonstrate to the community that there is widespread support for the library district and its various initiatives.

Our core values include respect and engagement. Our interactions with those we seek to influence should always be respectful

Suggested Actions

It is important that our voices be heard and that our leaders recognize that their views are not the only ones represented in the community. Among the actions you can take are: